Upper Wharfedale Museum celebrates the launch of its new website.

The new museum website, professionally designed by W3BWORKS, will for the first time, be run and maintained by a team of volunteers from the museum. Inevitably there will be errors, so please do let us know as we continually improve our skills.

This year, 2018, will be a busy one. Apart from the day to day running of the museum, we have completely redesigned the museum leaflet which is free to visitors.

We shall be having an exhibition of photographs of old Grassington and Wharfedale. These are part of the John Crowther Collection and have never been seen before. John Crowther was the Grassington pharmacist in the early 20th century and he also founded the first museum in Grassington. The date and venue have yet to be decided.

Keep watching this space.

In conjunction with the Wishbone Gallery we are hosting an Art Exhibition of work by Janet Allsebrook, specially done for the Grassington festival. It is anticipated that her work will also be exhibited at times other than the festival weeks.