New for 2022 are two major display cabinets built by Jonas Hartley of James Wilding Joinery. The one in the downstairs entrance room near the window contains various electronic calculators,  slide rules and phones which some of us remember using in the not-so-distant past! Other shelves contain an eclectic mix of sewing accessories, a selection of tuning forks, records, and the Punkt Roller, a device used for the treatment of obesity, rheumatism and constipation.

The upstairs cabinet situated alongside the staircase bannister includes an interesting display of gentlemen’s accessories, old tobacco tins and packets, a collection of coins and various shoe & clog making equipment.

In addition, the Museum underwent the renewal of all lighting and a partial re-wiring in summer 2020. Decorating was undertaken in the winter of 2020/21 together with a new CCTV unit, and a new central heating boiler was installed in May 2021.